Your Human Resource Department, Since 1990

PCI is one of the most experienced HR outsourcing firms operating today.

Let PCI manage your Payroll and HR Functions so you can focus on growing your business.


PCI is a family-owned and operated business operation that offers a full suite of HR services to clients across the country. Such services range from co-employment payroll processing, to full-service co-employment HR administration outsourcing. Whether a client has 5 employees, or 500, PCI can tailor a co-employment program that best suits their needs. Put PCI's experience and knowledge to work for you today, and shift all HR-related work to a trusted source.

Whether you have a law firm, trucking operation, a unionized workforce, 5 employees or over 1,000, we can take care of you, and we service clients in over 44 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

PCI's longevity and growth can be attributed to the fact that customer service is the number-one priority. PCI understands that in addition to offering all the technological features such as web-based HRIS access, sometimes clients want to speak to a human being. This is why PCI’s dedicated service representative format works so well with clients, as they know the contact person assigned to their account is always going to field their calls, and this person really knows their account. Clients who join PCI family are not just a “number,” and PCI takes pride in the long-standing business relationships it has with its clients.

To learn more about PCI, contact us today, and find out how you can make the change to PCI as soon as your next payroll cycle!